Installing OpenMM from Source on Lab Nvidia iMacs

1. Installed Xcode6.3 from the apple developer website (
2. Use xcode-select –switch <path>/ (Answer by mskkdt in
3. Follow the subsequent procedure.
4. Link cuda SKD root dir in ccmake to /usr/local/cuda/samples as mentioned here
Other links that turned out to be useful:
3. Cuda7.0: 
4. Find OSX version from command line
5. Mac OSX SKDs
6. Print a variable in makefile. Use Anthony Earl Wong’s answer:
7. Xcode can’t be directly downloaded using wget or curl. Use this trick. Use the answer by Ethan:
  • open Google;
  • goto site;
  • press CMD+SHIFT+J or click top-right Menuicon -> Tools -> Developer Tools;
  • click Network panel;
  • now click Xcode download link at;
  • you will see one or more request records in the Network panel;
  • right click the latest record, then click Copy as cURL;