# Stop Asian Hate

We are a group of scientific workers with diverse background, and Asian background is a big and important part of it. We are sad about what some Asians in America have gone through and how they are affected. As a group, we would like to express our strongest support to them and whoever is not respectively treated.

Here we provide some links about Asian Americans. Let’s get educated.

  1. The five-part PBS documentary Asian Americans. https://www.pbs.org/weta/asian-americans/episode-guide/
  2. The history of anti-Asian racism in America before COVID-19. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/asian-american-racism-covid
  3. The Chinese in America. https://www.amazon.com/Chinese-America-Narrative-History/dp/0142004170?ots=1&ascsubtag=[]c2[p]ckmdoj09000001qn50uwthgny[t]w[d]D[z]m&tag=thecutonsite-20

Welcome to Dr. Pavithra Naullage and Dr. Kaixuan Chen!

After all the difficulties in this unusual year we finally have our new postdocs Dr. Pavithra Naullage and Dr. Kaixuan Chen joining our group! Welcome!

Dr. Pavithra Naullage obtained her Ph.D. in computational physical chemistry from University of Utah, focusing on development of advanced sampling methods and its application to ice-binding molecules.

Dr. Kaixuan Chen obtained his PhD of material physics and chemistry from Sun Yat-sen University and was working as a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Richard Dronskowski’s group in the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University. His former research topics include: first-principles study on the thermal and thermoelectric properties of two-dimensional materials and conversion reaction mechanism in lithium ion batteries under the first-principles point of view.