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Group November 2013

From L to R (back): Asmit Bhowmick, Dr. Carl Shreck, Dr. Omar Demerdash, Prof. Teresa Head-Gordon, Lisa Felberg, Alex Albaugh, Dr. Sudhir Sharma
(middle) August Melcher, Eugene Yedvabny, Michelle Liu
(front) Mika Tei, Saurabh Belsare, Sukanya Sasmal
Group (Nov 2013)

The simultaneous revolutions in molecular biology, scientific computing, and nanotechnology is giving rise to new interdisciplinary research opportunities at the interfaces of engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computational science. The research interests of the lab encompass the development of general computational and experimental methodologies applied to biology, biochemistry, and biophysics in the areas of water and aqueous hydration, macromolecular assembly, membrane biophysics and proteins, study of enzyme catalytic activity, and non-disease and disease protein aggregation.

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