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(Step1, L-R) Dr. James Lincoff, Dr. Dominique Nocito, Dr. Akshaya Das, Mr. Wilfredo Balza; (Step2, L-R) Dr. Valerie Welborn, Dr. Jagna Witek; (Step3, L-R) Jerry Li and Lars Urban; (Step 4, L-R) Dr. Itai Leven, Dr. Sara Cheng, Dr. Teresa Head-Gordon, Dr. Luis Ruiz Pestana; (Step 5, L-R) Dr. Shuai Liu, Dr. Kochise Bennett

Group Photo (June 2019)

The simultaneous revolutions in energy, molecular biology, nanotechnology and advanced scientific computing, is giving rise to new interdisciplinary research opportunities at the interfaces of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computational science. The research interests of the Teresa Head-Gordon lab encompass the development of general computational models and methodologies applied to broad translational efforts including molecular liquids, macromolecular assemblies and aggregation, protein biophysics, and homogeneous and heterogeneous  catalysis and synthetic enzymes.

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